This was held at the conclusion of the projects activities on the 31st May 2013. It was followed by “The Yanks are Coming”, a display of mainly American equipment and tentage, in the Tontine Gardens, Stourport on the 1st of June.

 WARNING    See Note Below

The speech in the video clip has strong and aggressive language.

Below is a short video illustrating the events over the two days.  The first part includes an extract from the re-enactment of the legendary “Blood and Guts” speech delivered by General George Smith Patton at the Burlish site on May 31st 1944.

The Re-enactment is delivered by Jonathan Darby using the text of the speech available on the website of “The Patton Society”. This speech is derived from contemporaneous notes made during the speech at Camp Bewdley by Neil Harper Shreve a clerk with the Mobile Records Unit attached to Patton’s Staff.  In deference to the Family event that preceded the re-enactment the specific expletives were deleted, however the speech is still delivered with strong language. It is a rallying call and an incitement to battle and fighting.

It needs to be viewed in its context as a speech of its time invoking an aggression and hatred of the enemy that was thought necessary to galvanise a raw and inexperienced conscript army. The extract here is very short but clearly reflects the character of the speech.

At present we do not intend to post the full re-enactment on-line. The audience on the day pronounced the re-enactment as very impressive and its content as a great insight into the atmosphere of the time. We are exploring putting the full re-enactment onto a DVD which encompasses the whole history of the site. We believe that the enactment of the speech could be valuable as a study piece to analyse its content, delivery and context. Completion and availability of such a /DVD will be notified on this website.