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Nature Reserve (1994 onwards)

Burlish Top Local Nature Reserve

After a long period of neglect following the abandonment of Burlish Camp, Wyre Forest District Council recognised that the old military camp had significant wildlife value by declaring the land a Local Nature Reserve in 1994. Much of the wildlife was in decline, but fragments of Lowland Heath and Acid Grassland habitat remained on site.

green_tiger_beetle_79377337A lot of effort was subsequently put in by local community groups, volunteers and the District Council to conserve what remained and to create the conditions to allow the wildlife to begin to recover. Trees were felled, scrub cut back and the site annually mowed, with the rewards for these efforts being that a recent ecological survey found Burlish Top to be the nest quality Acidic Grassland in the county.

The restoration of the site is still not complete with volunteers always needed to help stem the tide of scrub invasion and to assist with the cattle which grazed the site for the first time in 2012.

lizard_1Burlish Top’s Acid Grassland
Acid Grasslands are grassland meadows where the underlying soil is of a sandy acidic nature. They are a threatened habitat in the UK and a refuge for many rare plant and animal species.

Some of the species that can be found on Burlish Top include
• Viviparous Lizard
• Hobby
• Tiger Beetles
• and the nationally rare Grey Hair Grass

Do you want to know more? Have you spotted any wildlife on the site? Simply e-mail us with your sightings and photo’s and we will add them to the website.