The  Healing Days

WARTIME REMINISENCES                     “The Americans”

Maps and photographs on this site provide the framework of the location of the hospitals and the details of the many buildings. How we now might wish in the intervening years since WW2 that people had spent more time recording the experiences of the wartime generation. This is especially true of the many who were involved in the support services which by WW2 were already outnumbering the frontline servicemen yet without whom the battlefront would have been unsustainable. To them perhaps, their contribution seeming less glamorous than the fighting servicemen, they were just doing their necessary duty.  We have been in touch with two organisations in the United States who have been at work gathering wartime reminiscence including from non-combatant service. Visiting these websites will access some interesting material.

The Centre for the Study of War and Society University of Tennessee

World War II Experience

From these and other sources we have some material recounting personal reminiscence of the Servicemen and women at the 114th and 297th General Hospitals, or family memories of their accounts.  Please be aware that some of their personal accounts contain views that reflect the time of the late second world war and some inaccuracies that reflect that in World War 2 you were told what you needed to know and did not ask too many questions.

114th General Hospital.

Lt. Francis Schmitt.  Dentist.   The Family of Lt. Schmitt have posted his wartime photographs online with Picasa. We reproduce some that are particularly relevant to our site and are currently hoping to receive a written submission from the family

Dr. Kesterson      Edited extract from a recording made for the CSWS (see above)   Photograph from the Schmitt collection.

297th General Hospital

Lt. Lilian Krell     Lillian returned to the hospital sites many years after and assisted the Turley brothers with photographs for their book “Camp Bewdley”. She has been a great supporter of this project.  In addition to the photographs on this site we are editing a video of Lillian Speaking about her wartime experiences to add to the site.  A book about her experiences is to be published by WW 2 Experience. (See above)

Private (later Corporal)  Robert Walton 

This full account is written by Pte Waltons son a retired US Army Major, now a lecturer in Modern world history in Albany New York State. This excellent piece throws interesting sidelights on many aspects of recruitment, deployment and the influence of the WW 2 management of U.S. troops on post war events.


If you have any memories or photo’s of Burlish Camp or of war time Stourport, we would love to hear them.

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