The Camp at War

The Camp At War

U.S. Army (Europe) Corps Headquarters (December 1943 – June 1944)

105 acres of land owned by Kidderminster Corporation were requisitioned by the War Office on 18th September 1942 for the construction of 2 dual purpose camps designed for hospital use, each capable of accommodating 2200 troops. Construction of the camps was completed by October 1943.

vehicle_cckw4The installations were designated Bewdley Camp No. 1 and Bewdley Camp No.2 by the U.S Army. The site of Camp No.1 near Burlish Crossing is now a housing estate.

The first occupants of Bewdley No.2 Camp were the 373rd Engineer G.S. Regiment consisting of 54 Officers
and 1241 Enlisted Men arriving on 19th November 1943.

These troops were engaged in the construction of 8 camps in the South Shropshire area for the pending arrival of the U.S 90th Infantry Division. With the arrival of the VIII Corps the camp became an important Command Post.

Arrived: 20 December 1943
Departed: 12 April 1944
Commanding General:
Major General Emil F. Reinhardt until 13 March 1944
Major General Troy H. Middleton from 13 March 1944
Corps Strength HQ Units: 107 Ocers 357 Enlisted Men
normal_radio-trailer-used-for-mess[1]The Corps were responsible for securing supplies, transportation and accommodation for units arriving in the Western Base Section of the United Kingdom and supervising their training.

Direct telephone links were installed to U.S Headquarters in London, to 1st and 3rd Army Headquarters and other Base Sections.

Arrived: 5 April 1944
Departed: 15 June 1944
Commanding General:
Major General Gilbert R. Cook
Corps Strength HQ units: 107 Ocers 357
Enlisted Men
The occupants of Bewdley Camp No. 1 at this time:
3rd Auxiliary Group: 132 Ocers, 70 Nurses and 176 Enlisted Men.

2nd Cavalry Group Squadrons:
92 Ocers, 5 Warrant Ocers and 1523 Enlisted Men.

93rd Signal Battalion:
31 Ocers, 1 Warrant Ocer, 897 Enlisted Men

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